Beat College Admissions by Ted Price

Beat College Admissions

Book Title: Beat College Admissions

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN: 1520216548

Author: Ted Price

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Ted Price with Beat College Admissions

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Every year, the best colleges receive more and more applications. Acceptance rates go down and stress goes up. The stakes are high: top tier schools offer the most financial aid, the best professors, and offer incredible educational opportunities to their students. The hardest part of applying is the uncertainty. How should I spend my time in high school? What do I need to do each year to get the most out of it? Which parts of a college application are the most important? Before applying to Yale I did extensive research so that I could better understand the admissions process, and the experience of applying taught me a whole lot more. Now I want to share my knowledge with you. I took every tactic and secret that I learned when I applied and put it in this book which is guaranteed to improve your chances at getting accepted into your dream school. Even if you're not gunning for the Ivy League, the tips and strategies I share will improve your chances at any college. Beat College Admissions gives clear, actionable advice about how to deal with each challenge between you and your acceptance letters. You will learn to crush every part of the admissions process, including: —How to reach your potential on standardized tests —Strategies for writing great application essays —What you need to do to get the best letters of recommendation —Ways to get more financial aid and scholarships and much more… Don’t sell yourself short. Reach your full potential. Beat College Admissions and get into your dream school.